We are growth-driven professionals that share a culture & a value system.


We are a transparent & respectful community founded on the principles of open communication, integrity, & inclusion. We are community driven & collaborative individuals that believe in the power of positivity, lifelong learners that embrace a growth mindset, & motivated drivers working to catalyze positive result-driven change around us. 


Yazan Al-Wahsh
Business Development Officer
Starting Point
Mayar Al Jundi
Data Analyst Consultant
Bashir Mraish
Bashir Mraish Consulting
Nisreen Pharaon
Featherlight Jewelry
Farah Sinokrot
Economic Associate
Prime Ministry
Masa Haddad
Senior Strategy Associate
EY Parthenon


Our growth-driven partners share our values & offer our members strategic, legal, financial, & technical services.
Tericsoft is an AI & technology solutions company that builds, consults, & designs customized technology solutions for companies across the world. They focus on creating opportunities & solving problems for their clients, primarily working with startups & SMEs, through technology often acting as an outsourced CTO.
They love diversity within teams & see first hand the innovation that happens from being equal opportunity employers. They opted to join SIRA as partners because they’re very value driven & believe that when they work with other value-driven professionals magic happens.
Eversheds Sutherland is an innovative law firm that is committed locally & connected globally. With extensive experience with/in a variety of sectors, start-ups, SMEs, private & public sector projects, they provide solid support on corporate transactions, litigation, dispute resolution, arbitration, & regulation.
A law firm that prides itself on being collaborative, creative, professional, inclusive, & open, their values resonate with SIRA’s & are looking to help communities thrive in order to create change in the professional environment.
Wonder Media is a savvy boutique social media agency offering bespoke digital marketing solutions such as branding, creative direction, page management, graphic design, photography, videography, advertising & promotions, & community management.
They want to be part of the SIRA community to belong to a community that wants to create, learn, & grow together. Highlighting a goal they would like to accomplish through community, that is, professional innovation.
Sama Yaish is a driven financial professional with experience working with investment funds, venture capitals, & startups on financial modeling, budgeting, financial analysis, unit economic analysis, valuation, pricing models, strategy & financial alignment, & investment readiness.
When asked why she saw the value in partnering with the SIRA community, she said "I make sure I provide support & create a basis for people to thrive solely on their merit, motivation & eagerness to learn, & this is why I belong at SIRA myself".


Ayah B. Saeed
‍Co-founder & Outcome Driver

Expertise: Building, connecting, & optimizing relationships

Patrolling: Outcomes! Finding win-wins for everyone

Superpower: Positivity - enabling those around her  

When not at SIRA, will be found scavenging for information & knowledge.

Media & Communications by training & lowkey skincare enthusiast.

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Zara M. Najjar
Co-founder & Opportunity Driver

Expertise: Strategic thinking

Patrolling: Opportunity! Creating space for growth & development

Superpower: Sharing knowledge

When not at SIRA, will be found dribbling a basketball somewhere.

Mechanical Engineering by training & lowkey history geek.

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Lina Shahin
Connection Driver

Expertise: Building community - Fostering belonging

Patrolling: Connection! Creating space for authentic engagement & collaboration

Superpower: Making people feel heard, seen, & valued

When not at SIRA, will be found developing financial inclusion.

Operations & Supply Chain Management by training & highkey product geek.

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